How Did the pandemic Change the Lives of People?

This pandemic has changed the lives of many people across the globe. Some have lost loved ones, while some suffered too much. The grief and the stress caused mental issues to be critical while others are doing preventive health measures at home. 

This pandemic created panic worldwide, and some countries are still struggling with containing the virus and stopping its spread. There is a need to undergo a rapid antigen test whenever you travel from one place to another. Your vaccination card is your new passport. A lot has changed in the world because of the Pandemic. There are some lessons that this Pandemic brought humans, which made them better. 

Here are some concrete changes that transformed people’s lives during this pandemic:


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Many people lost loved ones because of this coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China. Man lost their parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, family, friends, co-workers, and classmates. There will always be a story of how someone struggled inside or outside the hospital but eventually died. That is the most devastating effect of this pandemic. Someone lost a loved one, and every day, people are dying because of this virus. When they die, you can only remember them in your photos, social media stories, or in your memory. You have lost someone forever, and it is devastating. 


Mental health awareness rose and helped people cope with the stress and trauma brought by this Pandemic. More people are becoming aware that mental health issues are accurate and treated with respect and caution. Some people accepted the fact that people were suffering from mental health issues. Though some people do not believe in this issue, others reach out to those who require help. There are groups on different social media platforms that help people find someone to help them with their difficulties. Groups also engage in giving free services and consultations for those in need. 


People shared their health routine, from creating a balanced diet, doing exercises, and drinking vitamins to boost the immune system. They shared their healthy journey online to inspire other people to shift into a healthier lifestyle. A lot of healthy recipes are available online that are good for the family. 


More people started searching about shifting into a sustainable lifestyle. They read articles and watch videos on how they can make their lives more bearable. They also included renovations for their sustainable home so that they could reduce their carbon footprint. Some companies have adopted this shift in different states and countries, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle in their communities. 


The virus prohibited a lot of people from gatherings and events. A lot of people have adopted virtual and online reunions. They engaged in using various video calling applications using their gadgets to keep in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world.


Some businesses and offices gave their employees the option to work from home, especially those in the corporate world. Employees receive their files from the office, including their computers and laptops, to work at home. This movement also made people renovate their homes to accommodate an office setup. Many companies adopted virtual meetings. Some people presented their work with only the top half of their body in uniform, and they even posted proof online. Meeting clients mean you have an arranged virtual presentation with your client who is also working at home. 


Some companies closed permanently because of this Pandemic. They had to let go of their employees because they could not sustain their expenses since there was no income. Some companies that thrived still had to retrench their employees because they needed to make cuts with costs. Some people had to live with rations from the government and non-government institutions because they did not have a job anymore. Some people also choose to go back to their hometown to survive because life in the city is too expensive. 


Living in cities is more expensive than living in rural areas, making people choose to go back to their hometowns. They embraced their country life away from too many traffic jams. Some sold their houses to make a living in the country, plant their crops, and take care of their animals. Some left their jobs or lost their jobs and opted to look for a new career in their hometown. Others tried to survive in the city while working for the same company. 


Some people choose to invest in vitamins and preventive measures. They became more cautious of their environment, followed health and safety protocols everywhere, brought their alcohol, and wore masks to practice social distancing. People chose to stay indoors with the hope that soon, this Pandemic would come to an end. People also stock up on vitamins, herbal medicines, and other organic products that promote good health. 


Hugging is a powerful gesture that gives you the assurance of being cared for, supported, and loved. This gesture is part of your primal instinct to make the other person feel less vulnerable and more comfortable with you. This Pandemic taught everyone that hugging is an essential element needed by people to feel comfort and care. It was a gesture that helped many people cope with their emotional trauma, depression, and anxiety. 

All these things have changed people’s lives since they began. Some have lost a lot of their loved ones and friends, while others lost their source of income. People gave importance to their health — physical, mental, and emotional. It is heartbreaking that people can stay at home and not socialize because of fear of getting sick. This Pandemic brought many people a lot of pain and suffering, and wishing for its immediate end has been part of everyone’s prayer. 

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