Day: April 29, 2020

spring on a machine

How are Springs Manufactured?

Springs are widely used materials across industries. Its demand made the manufacturing process essential to industries like the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, military application, marine environments, and the aircraft industry. In fact, a manufacturer of custom springs in Oklahoma and other locations can fabricate spring and tubing products for customized and high-tensile corrosion-resistant alloys …

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4 Ways a Water Leak Can Spell Disaster in the Home

Remember the saying “Prevention is always better than cure”? It also applies to home maintenance, particularly plumbing. Not calling an emergency plumber in Millcreek, for example, and allowing the water to drip, drip, drip can have significant—and even costly—consequences. 1. It Increases the Risks of Mold Molds are fungi that thrive in cold, dark, and …

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